Voices of Women and Children, is a non-governmental organization created purposely to address the needs of African women and children who are afflicted by homelessness, poverty and cultural deprivation. Our commitment to service is built on transparency, collaborative work with others and commitment to help women and children to help themselves. 
The Voices of Women and Children work meticulously to provide children in need with quality education, food of mind and food of body in their developing world. We also work hard to get the necessary medical support to keep their healthy minds in healthy bodies. Support from our sponsors helps us develop programs for social change and development. 

The Voices of Women and Children, is committed to the survival and self-regeneration of homeless women and other women in need. Building on the confidence people have in the founding organizers of this group, we ensure that these women survive and thrive against all odds in society and their families obtain the much needed resources and skills to regain their dignity and standing.

    Our Mission –


This body came into being because of the following reasons that are shaped and determined
by the life and conditions of women and children on the African continent and in the

  • To organize and educate women and children about the need for advocacy on their behalf and to mobilize them in the realization of new opportunities for their well being.

  • To set up affiliates and chapters in Africa and in the Diaspora so that every women and children is aware of this deliberate effort to empower them through the media and through the influencing of public policy in governments and elsewhere.

  • To seek the support of media people and other agencies sympathetic to the issues of women and children, especially on the African continent where issues are not as categorized and segregated by some of the people responsible for the welfare of their countries.

  • To develop specific strategies for the purpose of galvanizing women and children to relate to issues we bring to their attention and to join us in the promotion and articulation of our point of view in the great debates about life and heath and food and security education and housing. Among many others.

  • To appeal to members of Congress as an NGO whose task centers on a host of things that are relevant to African societies.

  • To create an infrastructure that serves as a bridge between women and children in Africa and the Diaspora on the one hand, and the other hand to approach and collaborate with other NGO’s and governmental bodies that have any interest in what we do.

  • To serve as a critical voice to the women and children movements as they address their point of convergence and divergence in aggregating and articulating Women and children interest....

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