This video you’re about to see was a gutter where the children were eating rotten and infected food they picked from a trash site. After eating,  to cool off from the blazing sun, as you can see in the video as they are  bathing in an open infected pond.


Where do you think they go after bathing, to a cozy home with parents and family members waiting for them to come home?  No. Their home was right on the streets. Where they would go straight back begging on streets of Addis Abba, till night fall, and sleep by the roadside. Sometimes under the bridge, according to them, “normally the big boys would not allow us to sleep there" it was considered a luxury to get to sleep under a bridge.


This was the situation I found the children in. After I rescued them from the street, I bathed, bought shoes, clothing, underwears, and fed them. Then I took them to the hotel.


After 3 days, because of the high cost of keeping them in the hotel I had to make an alternative plans for them. The first time they came to the hotel, they cried, I cried too.  Two of kids who were born in the street said it was the first time ever they entered into a house. Later when I asked why they cried unanimously, they replied, you are our mom, can you be our mom? I hugged them tight.  Secretly I sobbed.


Right now the children are with the Daniel Abduel family, with other kids of the same age whom they can play and interact with. I send money every month. I work from 6am- 6pm and since I met them I work over time so as to take care of them. I also have 2 other children in Nigeria I take care of. But these other children is different because they live with their parents, I only send money to pay their school fees.


These children need health care, education, and continued food and shelter.


One drop of water at a time will form an ocean over time. Our organization is committed to helping in bring these children a chance to be part of a healthy society.


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